[DECLINED] Quwerty Marksmanship Hunter

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[DECLINED] Quwerty Marksmanship Hunter

Post by Quwerty » 25 Sep 2019, 16:11

Personal Info

Name: Ilya

Age: 25

Nationality: Russian

Free word about yourself: Online games have always been my passion, played many of them, and now, when classic came out (though started slightly late), I decided that it’s the time to return from more than a 10-year gap since I’ve played wow last time :)

What made you apply to Endurance: I searched for a guild on a server and found lots of good words about yours, plus I really like the website. Your DKP system is what works the best in my opinion. I had almost the same one when I was playing wow, and everyone was satisfied with it. You even have the epic movie, and I like epic movies :)

Have you been in any other guild(s) on Earthshaker?: I randomly signed a guild named “Incorrect” when I was low lvl.

Please tell us about your past raiding history (Retail + Private Servers) if you have any: I started playing WoW at the beginning of TBC on the Warsong server, but I do not remember the guild I was in, but I remember that we cleared everything except last two bosses in Sunwell. However, the real game begins for me in WOTLK. I played a lot. I was on a Russian server “Strazh Smerti” in a semi-hardcore guild named “Aurora”, was a top 1-3 hunter on the server based on dps on various bosses, and had 2.3-2.6k arena rating. We cleared everything on heroic25 except the Lich King, if I remember correctly, and cleared full heroic10 early on.
When Cataclysm came out, I stopped playing.

How did you find out about Endurance?: Just googled for the guilds on the server.

Do you know anyone in the guild that could put in a good word for you?: Not really, did some elite quests together with a warrior from your guild in Duskwood.

Character info

Character Name: Quwerty

Character Class: Hunter

Character Race: Night Elf

Character Level: 44, but I'm leveling fast

Are you attuned to Molten core?: Not yet

Are you attuned to Onyxia?: Not yet

Are you attuned to Blackwing Lair?: Not yet

Endurance raid primarily on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 18.45 – 23.00 server time. During phases of raid progression this will change to Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Are you available to join atleast 2 of these raids a week?: Yes. I had almost 100% attendance to raids back in days, and intend to have the same one these days :), and ofc, if smth happens irl, such that I won’t be able to come, I’ll notify the raid leader.

Anything else you would like to add to your application?: I would like to say that your guild is the best fit for me based on what I’ve read and I really hope that if given a chance, I will show that I could be an enhancement to the guild.

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Re: [DECLINED] Quwerty Marksmanship Hunter

Post by Redtempest » 01 Oct 2019, 15:05

As discussed in-game earlier today, we’re sorry to inform you that we’ll have to decline your application at this point in time, due to our hunter roster being full.
We wish you lots of success in finding a guild and good luck in all your future endeavours on Earthshaker.