[ACCEPTED] Nimeral Feral Druid

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[ACCEPTED] Nimeral Feral Druid

Post by nimeral » 11 Jun 2019, 00:19

Personal Info

Name: Nikita

Age: 26

Nationality: Russian

Free word about yourself: I'm doing PhD in maths and hate it

What made you apply to Endurance: a guild with private server experience and history (enjoyed reading it) that shows that the officers/community members know what they're doing.

Have you been in any other guild(s) on Classic Server (Name still unknown)?: :)

Please tell us about your past raiding history (Retail + Private Servers) if you have any: I raided MC-KT on Kronos 2->1 with the semi-hardcore (Naxx 3rd on the server I believe) guild <Immortals> as a warlock. Classleaded up until mid-AQ, had to give up the position after due to some family issues making my attendance unreliable. Played some WotLK afterwards. For retail, nothing worth mentioning.

How did you find out about Endurance?: I've created a thread about private server guilds that go Classic. Someone replied with your guild's name :)

Do you know anyone in the guild that could put in a good word for you?: not yet unfortunately.

Character info

Character Name: Nimeral

Character Class: druid (would strongly prefer feral tank)

Character Race: night elf

Character Level: 0

Are you attuned to Molten core?: soon

Are you attuned to Onyxia?: soon

Are you attuned to Blackwing Lair?: soon but a bit later than the previous soons

Endurance raid primarily on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 18.45 – 23.00 server time. During phases of raid progression this will change to Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Are you available to join atleast 2 of these raids a week?: yes, my plan is to keep 90%+ raid attendance. I'm almost always free during the evenings, and Classic is important to me, so I won't skip a raid unless it's some real life (semi-)emergency.

Anything else you would like to add to your application?: this application isn't 100% "real", because the game isn't out yet. However, I am seriously considering rolling the same server with <Endurance>, and then trying my best to prove my worth.

I see that the organizational and social aspects of the guild are well-developed, and I'd be honored to work together with such a team.

My only concern at the moment is the lootcouncil part of the loot system, in particular, the flexibility of the special-item priorities. There's nothing wrong in giving DFT to a super-dedicated hunter over a second-time-raiding rogue. You say that the system is "based on common-sense", so I hope such situations are included.

But I wouldn't want to start a loot drama before creating a character :D So I stop with this part now.

For my spec choice, I know the downsides of the feral druids, but I'll try my best to outshine them with the upsides. I'm not tank-greedy and won't tank bosses I'm not "supposed" to - I know that on Chrom progression, shield wall might come in handy, I know that Nef may make me a squishy cat, etc. However, I also know that tank healing is often a non-issue - on many bosses on progression and especially on farm - and in these situations squishness of bears compared to defense-geared warriors is a non-issue as well. Threat output, 3% aura, less loot competition, and potential offhealing/combat ress/innervate, in my opinion, match Anni/Nightfall/avoidance/CDs of defensive warriors and Anni/Nightfall/DPS/CDs of threat-geared warriors.

There's still a degree of uncertainty about all these things. I think I'm a stubborn person, but not that stubborn - if it turns out that Classic works in such way that ferals are a burden, I'll reroll healer before it's too late. But if my conjectures are correct, I'll be happy to intercept all the Ouro swipes!

I hope it wasn't too much for a postscriptum, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Nimeral Feral Druid

Post by Redtempest » 12 Jun 2019, 15:51


Thank you for your application and general interest in joining Endurance.
We officers unanimously enjoyed reading it and think that you will fit right in with the rest of us fools.

It is not often that we get applications from Feral Druids that plan on tanking but seeing how you set your expectations rather realistically, we are looking forward to test the viability of the spec together with you once Classic launches.

Welcome to Endurance :)