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Post by Kjellduel » 02 Oct 2019, 00:05


Not really sure if this is the right place to ask, but i couldn't seem to find an application button.
I think i might make a good fit in your guild, I've played since Vanilla (not all content) to BFA.

I'm a paladin soon to be 60, will of course perform the roll that is needed.

It wasn't clear to me if you played on private servers aswell so just to make sure, I play Wow Classic on the Earthshaker realm (name: Kjellduel).
I'm 29 years old and have a pretty good amount of time to kill in this game.

Thanks for your time!

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Re: Application

Post by Redtempest » 02 Oct 2019, 01:27

Thank you for your interest in joining the guild.
While we did play on private servers in the past, we are indeed currently (and hopefully for quite some time) playing on the European Classic Server Earthshaker.

In order to apply to the guild please refer to our Recruitment Sub-Forum.

There you’ll just have to:
  1. Press the “New Topic”-Button.
  2. Set the subject of your application to “Application: NAME SPEC CLASS”
  3. Fill out the application template
  4. Press the “Submit”-Button
Our officers will discuss the application shortly after that and reply as soon as we’ve reached a consensus.

Kind regards,

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