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by Kjellduel
02 Oct 2019, 07:40
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Topic: [DECLINED] Application: Kjellduel, Holy Paladin
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[DECLINED] Application: Kjellduel, Holy Paladin

Personal Info ——————————————————————— Name: Victor Age: 29 Nationality: Swedish Free word about yourself: Much experience from Wow, willing to improve, works well with others. What made you apply to Endurance: I Saw someone with good gear, I asked if you were recruiting. He sent me this link and it ...
by Kjellduel
02 Oct 2019, 00:05
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Topic: Application
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Hi! Not really sure if this is the right place to ask, but i couldn't seem to find an application button. I think i might make a good fit in your guild, I've played since Vanilla (not all content) to BFA. I'm a paladin soon to be 60, will of course perform the roll that is needed. It wasn't clear to...