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[ACCEPTED] Dawnlight Priest

Post by Dawnlight » 18 Jul 2019, 20:59

Personal Info

Name: David

Age: 29

Nationality: german

Free word about yourself: I am studyiing industrial engineering and do a lot of sport in my free time (probably a bit less once classic is released^^). I would describe myself as a positive thinking and talkative guy (also in English since I spend one year in Australia). If you want to know more: talk to me! ;)

What made you apply to Endurance: The moment I heard about classic (which gladly happened not that long ago^^), I was sure that i want to play it. When I approached Redtempest (RL friend since before vanilla launch) to talk with him about Classic, he told me about his (your) WoW-history that was written after I quit the game for good at the launch of Cata. I was impressed by your achievements and liked the professionalism you seemingly have leading the guild to success, and I would like to be a part of it and look forward to learn a lot and play my part in the guild.

Please tell us about your past raiding history (Retail + Private Servers) if you have any: As I mentioned, played WoW until the beginning of Cata and startet somewhere before BWL launch back in Vanilla. I played a Shaman for my whole "retail-life". In Classic I remember entering AQ, but the memories are fuzzy... definitely cleared MC, Ony, ZG, and most of BWL. In BC I got really into raiding and was in one of the best guilds on the server (progress wise) and also discovered PvP in form of the arena format. Since then I tried to balance out PvP and PvE with hitting 2,2k ratings frequently and also tried to not fall behind in PvE. I played mainly elemental in PvE and resto in PvP.

Never touched a Private Server.

How did you find out about Endurance?: As I said earlier: Redtempest

Do you know anyone in the guild that could put in a good word for you?: Redtempest and some weird Nightelf Hunter :P

Character info

Character Name: still in progress

Character Class: Priest (shadow or holy) whatever you want me to do in the raid

Character Race: Dwarf

Character Level: 1 on the 27.8.19 and hopefully 60 after 2 Month

Endurance raid primarily on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 18.45 – 23.00 server time. During phases of raid progression this will change to Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Are you available to join at least 2 of these raids a week?: That should be possible. I like that schedule because I'm quite busy on the weekends.

Anything else you would like to add to your application?: As you see in my retail history I also like PvP. I understood that the majority of the guild is focused on PvE, but I hope to get some people involved to enjoy PvP as well :) Maybe something about my class pick: I never played a priest, but I am willing to learn from you guys and will respect and appreciate your experience. I consider myself as a person, who can adapt and learn fast and hope to be a good help on your way to glory ;)

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Re: Oldshamy Priest

Post by Eodin » 18 Jul 2019, 21:17


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Re: Oldshamy Priest

Post by buscha » 21 Jul 2019, 12:16

+1 for zeh germans

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Re: Oldshamy Priest

Post by Redtempest » 24 Jul 2019, 00:17

Accepted because of nepotism!
I’m just kidding of course^^

On a more serious note:

Thank you for your interest in joining our guild.
As Buschas comment might suggest, the officer team quite enjoyed your application. Despite the fact that you’re associated with me IRL we think that you’ll be a good fit for our community and we would therefore like to offer you a spot in the guild ;) .

Welcome to Endurance!