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wotlk moonkin

Post by icytail » 28 Jul 2018, 23:55

i wrote this in 2008 so it might not be smart bc girl

I'm sorry this is so long, I really felt like I was being brief =/


http://www.wowarmory.com/character-tale ... cy&group=1

56/0/15- This is my spec and it is point for point exactly how I think every moonkin consistently doing 25-man content should spec.

Major glyphs: Moonfire, Starfire, Insect Swarm (these are non-debatable)
Minor glyphs: Typhoon, Unburdend Rebirth, Thorns, or Gift of the Wild (Other than Typhoon, these are all convenience things, obviously don't get Typhoon if you're not specced with it!)

Now I made a spec with your friend in mind. Basically I have chosen to drop Improved Faerie Fire (a raiding talent) for more mana efficiency talents.

recommended spec:

Moonkins get most of their mana back from Moonkin Form which gives mana back when you crit. People in shitty gear do not crit as much and thus at lower gear levels people get mana starved. I also dropped a point in Nature's Reach to fit one into Dreamstate; the first point in Dreamstate gives the most benefit. Notice you are not maxing out Dreamstate, because you are instead maxing out Intensity in the resto tree, which has been proven to be the more effective talent. (If you really want that point in Nature's Reach back--you shouldn't need it pre-Ulduar--but if you do, the option is to either take the point out of Moonglow, Dreamstate or take a point out of Improved Moonfire.

Note 2: I still did not take Typhoon and Gale Winds. This is preference, because I care more about single target dps than aoeing trash. Also, typhoon is a very mana intensive spell and you will have a hard time constantly using it with a lack of gear. Some people swear to god they have to have that damn spell though, in which case you can drop a mana talent or a point in Improved Moonfire if you wish.



Moonkin dps revolves entirely around the talent Eclipse. And this is why their dps varies so much fight to fight because it's very dependant on RNG. I would advise you to read the tooltip:

When you critically hit with Starfire, you have a 100% chance of increasing damage done by Wrath by 30%. When you critically hit with Wrath, you have a 60% chance of increasing your critical strike chance with Starfire by 30%. Effect lasts 15 sec and has a 30 sec cooldown.

Basically the talent is Blizzard's attempt at getting the class to use both of their spells. These eclipses have names, Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse. Solar eclipse is when you were starfiring to proc eclipse, and then you get a wrath eclipse (so you are casting wrath during eclipse). Lunar eclipse is when you were wrathing to proc eclipse, and then you get a starfire eclipse (so you are casting starfire during eclipse).

Before Ulduar, Lunar eclipse was god, by a long shot. However, Lunar eclipse is only god with high levels of haste (530-600ish). So for a new player I would actually start out by using Solar Eclipse because your haste is going to be very low for a while; haste is what makes Lunar successful, because you want to be able to squeeze as many starfires into an eclipse as possible. Solar is also more friendly for undergeared players because eclipse has a 100% chance to proc off of starfire crits, but olnly a 60% chance of proccing off of wrath crits. If your haste is low, then it's likely that your crit sucks also, meaning this will help you proc eclipse more frequently.

So, you probably just want to know what keys to hit, and not why. Here they are:

Solar Eclipse rotation (what I am recommending):

Faerie Fire (if you have it) > Moonfire > Insect Swarm > Starfire until Eclipse Procs > Wrath during Eclipse

Now, if your dots fall off before Eclipse procs, you should reapply them. Never clip them. Moonfire glyph makes your initial moonfire do 90% less damage but each additional tick do 90% more damage. So besides wasting dps time, if you clip a moonfire, you are losing a buffed moonfire tick in exchange for a shitty one.

If your dots fall off during Eclipse, do not reapply them until eclipse is over. (If Insect swarm falls off at the very beginning of eclipse it is only a marginal dps loss to reapply it, which could be worth it if you have to move or something like that)

Eclipse has a 15 second internal cooldown. During the internal cooldown you immediately refresh your dots, then cast Starfall and Treants if they are up. I prefer to use these spells during Eclipse internal cooldown, as to not waste time at the beginning of the fight when eclipse is not on internal cooldown. After your dots are up, you can continue to spam Starfire. (Note that casting Wrath during the internal cooldown actually has a slight dps edge, but wrath is much more mana intensive than starfire, so I think given such a minor difference, at lower gear levels it is better to starfire during the internal cooldown).

(*Common sense note: If you know when your guild is popping bloodlust, popping your treants right before bloodlust is a noticeable dps increase for them. If you know that a fight has an adds phase, then save Starfall for that.)

Then you repeat, refreshing your dots as needed while eclipse is not up.

Now tracking the internal cooldown of Eclipse is very important for a moonkin (it is actually slightly more important for lunar eclipse because if you let a starfire land after the internal cooldown is over you will proc the wrong eclipse, whereas with the rotation I gave you, you starfire during the internal cooldown and after the internal cooldown). HOWEVER, if you want to be good, you NEED the following mod to track eclipse internal cooldown. It also tracks your dots (moonfire, insect swarm, faerie fire).

important mod:
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/i ... ndAwe.html

*One More Note: For Bloodlust, you need to proc Lunar (starfire eclipse), not Solar eclipse, even if you're using this rotation. The reason for this is even as low haste levels, your wraths will be shorter than one second during Bloodlust, which means you're either not getting the full benefit out of bloodlust, or you could choose to ignore wrath eclipse and starfire anyway, which is a waste of eclipse. During Bloodlust you want to be casting Moonfire as your only dot (besides being a dot, it increases your chance to crit with starfire). But obviously if it comes down to reapplying moonfire or squeezing in an extra starfire, prioritize starfire. Insect Swarm should not be cast during bloodlust at all unless you have to move or something. (So basically moonfire > wrath until eclipse > starfire during eclipse > starfire during internal cooldown). If you proc the wrong eclipse because your guild is a bunch of faggots that don't give you a notice on Bloodlust, just wrath through the solar eclipse, then moonfire/starfire during the icd, and try to wrath after the ICD if there's enough time to get another eclipse in during bloodlust.


You can probably figure it out, but for reference this is what you would do for a Lunar Eclipse rotation:

Faerie Fire > Insect Swarm > Moonfire > Wrath until Eclipse > Starfire during Eclipse > Starfire during Internal Cooldown

This eclipse shines with high levels of haste.



Moonkins prioritize stats in the following way:

Hit > Spell Power > Haste > Crit
*Haste is still better than Crit even for Solar eclipse up until 400 haste, this is when crit becomes more valuable, as at 400 haste your wraths will begin to be shorter than one second with Nature's Grace and Wrath of Air. (However, if her haste begins to get higher than 400, then I would recommend switching to Lunar eclipse until she gets two pieces of tier 8 ).

Red slots: Runed Scarlet Ruby (19SP) or Veiled Monarch Topaz (9SP + 8 Hit)
Yellow slots: Rigid Autumn's Glow (16 Hit), Veiled Monarch Topaz (9SP + 8 Hit), Reckless Monarch Topaz (9 SP + 8 Haste)
Blue slots: Purified Twilight Opal (9 SP + 8 Spirit), Shining Forest Emerald (8 Hit + 8 Spirit)

Alternatively, of course you can skip socket bonuses when unneeded.

How much hit do moonkins need?
Casters need 17% hit. You get 3% from misery or improved faerie fire. You get 4% from talents as a moonkin (Balance of Power). Thus the lucky number for moonkins, is 10% hit needed from gear.


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